Otec mi povedal: “Nájdi si troch ľudí. Lekára, čo Ti vylieči telo. Kňaza, čo Ti vylieči dušu. A dobrého účtovníka.”

(úryvok z filmu Schindlerov zoznam)

Who we are

ESOX Consulting, Ltd. was established in March 1990. As one of the first to provide comprehensive advisory service to small and medium-sized enterprises.

We have many years of practical experience in helping small and medium-sized enterprises. We are a family company that builds its services on professional experience and individual approach to customers. Our success is based on the application of marketing approaches in consulting and other services provided.

Our goal is to provide the client with quality services in the area of ​​economic (tax and accounting) consultancy, which will contribute to the effective functioning of their business. We have more than 20 years of cooperation with most of our clients.


Our expertise skills offered:

In the field of tax consultation:

  • Assistance in registering a business with a tax administrator
  • Representation in tax proceedings and tax audit
  • Consultations or written opinions on tax matters
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Tax advice
  • Delivery of tax returns electronically with guaranteed signature
  • Preparation of an expert opinion on tax issues for civil, commercial and criminal proceedings


In the field of accounting:

  • Accounting advice
  • Complete single and double entry book keeping
  • Reconstruction of accounting
  • Control of book keeping
  • Development of company accounting directives
  • Comprehensive payroll and personnel agenda
  • Contacts with Social and Health Insurance Company


Other services we can offer: 

  • Preparation of an expert opinion on accounting for civil, commercial and criminal proceedings
  • other
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Creation of financial analysis of the company
  • Processing of documents for loan applications
  • Forensic expertise in accounting, taxes, finance and industrial property
  • Determining the value of a business or its part
  • Assistance in selecting an employee for the function of accountant – economist of the company
  • Aid for company restructuring


We are insured in Wustenrot for tax consultancy and accounting and Generali for forensic expertise.

We communicate in English, Russian, Polish, Serbian and Czech.


The company team is led by prof. Ing. Jaroslav Ďaďo, PhD.



  1. August 29, Banská Bystrica

Tel. 00421 904 946 139 or answering machine and fax: 00421-48-411 5869


IČO: 10834052